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  • Alvarez Tenor Ukulele
    Alvarez Tenor Ukulele


    1 799,00 kr
  • Marshall JVM 205 C
    Marshall JVM 205 C

    Marshall JVM205C JVM JVM En ledestjerne på...

    10 250,00 kr
  • Korg PA 700
    Korg PA 700

    KORG Pa700/Pa700 Oriental Professional Arranger With more power than...

    9 695,00 kr
  • BeatBuddy

    The BeatBuddy is a drummer in a guitar pedal, always ready when you are....

    2 579,00 kr
  • Ibanez AFC95-NTF Hollow Body
    Ibanez AFC95-NTF Hollow Body

    AFC95-NTF. (Natural) Artcore Contemporary Archtop.Artcore är en...

    4 895,00 kr
  • Gaffatape

    God og stærk gaffatape.Fås i forskellige farver.Fra 78 kr.

    125,00 kr
  • Marshall Køleskab
    Marshall Køleskab

    Capacity: 74 liter 2 adjustable glass shelves with spill protector...

    2 995,00 kr
  • Sigma GJA-SG200+
    Sigma GJA-SG200+

    Sigma har fundet inspiration fra de helt store og traditionsrige...

    6 749,00 kr
  • Sigma DTCE+
    Sigma DTCE+

    Sigma DTCE+ kommer med bund og sider i Tilia samt hals af mahogni....

    2 499,00 kr
  • Sigma JM-SG45+
    Sigma JM-SG45+

    En smuk "slope shoulder" dreadnought der kipper med hatten til 30'ernes...

    4 549,00 kr
  • Sigma 000MC-15E+
    Sigma 000MC-15E+

    Alsidig fingerspilsegnet guitar fra Sigma med dæk i massiv mahogni...

    3 749,00 kr
  • Sigma DME+
    Sigma DME+

    Sigmas svar på en dreadnought-model til en fornuftig pris og med...

    2 299,00 kr



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    15 995,00 kr

    SD40 - ARRANGER MODULE The KETRON SD40 is a new, powerful Arranger and Player module especially designed for applications with Master keyboards, Digital Pianos and MIDI Accordions. As expander version of the acclaimed KETRON SD7, the SD40 provides the same musical and technical functionalities of the keyboard, offering a new professional sound generation...

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    26 995,00 kr

    Audya is the worlds most advanced arranger instrument. It utilises modern streaming technology meaning you have at your disposal Real Audio Loops for styles, Not only are the Drummer and Percussion parts live, but also Guitar parts. These are professional studio recordings using specialist musicians that are completely at your control, many styles have 8...

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    3 295,00 kr

      12 Piano Voices. Grand Piano 1, Grand Piano 2, Rock Piano, Upright, Electric, House, El. Piano 1-2-3, FM Piano1-2, Pianomix.

    3 295,00 kr
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    3 995,00 kr

    The SD1000 is an interesting addition to the field of sound modules in terms of compactness and musical performance. In addition to offering all the timbre sounds required to perfectly play back musical files in General Midi standard and Kar, the SD1000 also has other additional sound banks with an incredible variety of Orchestral Voices: Grand Piano...

    3 995,00 kr
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    4 995,00 kr

    The Ketron SD4 is a pocket sized sound module designed for all PC and MIDI applications. The module is equipped with a new, powerful sound engine including a Professional Grand Piano sample (across 88 notes), huge orchestral and beautiful voices such as Saxophones, Brass, Woodwinds, Guitars, accordions, organ digital drawbars and many others. The quality...

    4 995,00 kr
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    3 295,00 kr

    The KETRON SD2 Orchestral Wizard is a pocket size sound module designed for all PC and Midi applications. Equipped with a new powerful sound engine, including a professional Stereo Grand Piano sound over 88 notes, huge Orchestral voices such as Saxophones, Brass, Woodwinds, Guitars, Accordions, Organ Digital Drawbars and many others, the SD2 has all the...

    3 295,00 kr
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