Scandlight Mobile lightset

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Scandlight Mobile Lightset

T-bar set med 12st Tri-9W LED´s, stativ og 4 pedals controller

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2 395,00 kr inkl. moms

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The package is very compact and consists of a large T-bar in steel, light aluminum plates, a steel tube, bag to the T-bar and foot pedal. The steel frame has a maximum height of 188cm. The foot control has four pedals to control:
1. "Blackout": everything goes off when the pedal is pressed.
2. "Color": switches between 9 colors.
3. "Auto": where you can switch between 6 different pre set programs.
4. "Sound": where you switch between 7 modes for sound control that is controlled via the built-in microphone.
If you want to program the system more advanced, it can be controlled via DMX. One can easily link together multiple systems and manage them with a foot pedal, concatenation is done via DMX in and out.
• LED's: 12pcs 4watt RGBW (Red, Green, Blue and White)
• The package includes: Stand, T-bar, Foot Pedal, Tote Bag to T-bar.
• DMX: Yes, adjustable between 4, 6, 10, 16 and 18 channels
• Sound Control: Yes, 7 modes
• Strobeeffekt: Yes
• Auto mode: Yes, 6 embedded applications
• Color Mode: Yes, 9 different colors
• Footpadal: Yes, 4  pedals
• Power consumption: 60W
• Height Stand: 1,24-1,88m
• Size T-bar: 950x225x67 mm
• Total weight (bar, stand and foot pedal): 13.8 kg
Advantages of LED technology: Extremely long life, low power consumption, minimal heat development, maintenance free.


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