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Ketron DS 9 keyboard

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In addition to the standard SD7 specifications, the SD9 offers the following new extra-features:


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29 995,00 kr inkl. moms

Yderligere information

KEYBOARD: 76 semi-weighted keys.

DISPLAY: capacitive 7” Touch Screen.

SOUNDS: new state-of-the-art Grand Pianos. More than 100 New professional sounds with Strings, Brass, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth and Organs with true Slow_Fast Rotor samples. New Emotional Classic Solos Violin, Oboe, Flute, Soprano, Peruvian Flute, with natural decay and vibrato. Voice Edit enhanced with DSP and Insert controls.

LIVE GUITARS: up to 100 New audio Live Guitars featuring Folk, Electric and Nylon Guitar Patterns.

GROOVES: more than 400 Stereo Latin Percussion Grooves.

LAUNCHPAD: new powerful and full interactive ambient combining Style Modeling, Real Time Sequencer and Loop Maker, with 12 Pads and 6 Scenes. 

STYLES: 300 Styles. New Live Band Styles with New Audio Drums and Live Guitars. Compatibility with User Audio Drums @ from Audya series. Possibilty to import custom Audio Drums into the machine. Style Edit with New Pattern recording and Editing functions.

MODELING: new Modeling enhanced with Live Guitars, Latin Grooves, Audio Drums, New Bass and Synth Sequences.

USER MEMORY: up to 700 MB of Flash memory available for User Sounds or additional KETRON Libraries.

SAMPLE EDITOR: capability for the user to create and store his own Multisample instruments.  

MULTIMEDIA: 3 x USB Host. 1 Usb device. Optional Hard disk.


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