HAPI Drum Mini M-247 m/bag

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HAPI Drum Mini.

There are no wrong notes! Play any note in any order and the drum sounds great! Recommended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Great for intuitive play, meditation, yoga, music and sound therapy. These mini ones have a big sound at a small price! It’s so easy to bring it along anywhere you go. Play it in the park, bring it over to a friends house, or take it camping. Fits in day packs for easy travel and even has its own optional padded bag for transport and storage.

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2 250,00 kr inkl. moms

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  • Specially selected musical steel using our custom molded shape.
  • Sound isolating rubber feet located on the bottom of the drum so you can set it on any surface to play.
  • A bottom port that helps let the sound out to fill the room.

Dimensions: 8" (20.5 cm) wide by 5.5" (13.97 cm) high. Weight: 3.4 lbs (1.54 kg)

Color: Hammered Copper - the copper color and hammered texture can vary slightly from drum to drum due to the hand mixing process of the paint. Each one is unique! This is a durable protective layer for your drum that adds a cool “stone” finished texture.

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