Tilbud! Demomodel Line-6 Amplifi 75 Forstærker Forstør

Demomodel Line-6 Amplifi 75 Forstærker

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Plug in. Let it rip.

The AMPLIFi® family combines amazing sound with a groundbreaking mobile app to make practicing, playing and recording guitar easier and more fun. Play along with your favorite songs and professionally recorded jam tracks like you’re on stage with the band. Instantly get award-winning guitar tones matched to any song in your music library, and use AMPLIFi as a USB recording interface to lay down tracks on your computer. Just pick up your guitar, immerse yourself in the music, and unleash your inner rock star.

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You’ve never seen anything like this.

Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, but playing guitar has remained an older and mostly traditional experience—until now. AMPLIFi Remote for iOS and Android™ brings the guitar experience to your digital life. You’ll discover a completely new way to play with your favorite music (automatic tone matching, pulled from thousands of presets in the cloud!), and practice any genre with studio-quality jam tracks and drum loops. Dial in great sounds and share tones with a worldwide community of guitarists—all from one device.

Line 6 AMPLIFi Remote app for iOS and Android image of app on tablet


The easiest way to sculpt your sound.

Forget about using knobs or a tiny built-in screen to dial in your amplifier’s tone and effects. AMPLIFi Remote lets you control every aspect of your sound from your iOS or Android device via intuitive, interactive graphics. Create your own tone from over 200 legendary guitar amps, effects and speaker cabinets. Use 8 simultaneous effects to build complex signal chains. AMPLIFi Remote gives you instant access to all the sounds you need.

Smart phone with Line 6 AMPLIFi Remote app for iOS and Android tone matching What Do You Say by Filter


Dial up the tones of legendary guitarists.

Innovative Line 6 tone-matching technology takes the work out of dialing in the perfect tone. Wanna sound like Slash or Hendrix? AMPLIFi Remote makes it incredibly easy to match legendary guitar tones in an instant—and for free. Select any song in your music library, and AMPLIFi automatically provides matching tone selections via the cloud.

Tone gurus, unite.

With a massive worldwide community of guitarists sharing their tones, you’re sure to find the sound you’ve been searching for. Within the AMPLIFi Remote cloud community, you can rate your favorite tones, upload your own—and even share tones via Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, you can build your musical network by connecting with other musicians and fans. The AMPLIFi cloud automatically keeps all your devices up to date and synchronized. You can store an unlimited number of presets in the cloud—and access them anywhere free of charge.


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